Our Agenda

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to thrive, no exceptions. But right now, some politicians, wealthy special interests, and their powerful backers are working together to rig the system so we can’t get ahead, no matter how hard we work. Overcoming these obstacles will require all of us coming together to invest in strong and healthy families, community, and democracy. Here’s what we’re tackling first to get there.

Strong and Healthy Families For All
When every family is strong and healthy, we all thrive. We’re working to lift up all of us–all races, all incomes, all zip codes. Here’s how:

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour
  • Establish a Borrowers’ Bill of Rights to protect student loan borrowers
  • Pass paid family and medical leave to support everyone’s ability to care for themselves and their families
  • Advance a Reproductive Health Equity Act so that access to reproductive health care isn’t determined by race, zip code, gender identity, or immigration status
  • Ensure that health insurance sold in Virginia includes protections for people with pre-existing conditions and blocks insurance companies from discriminating against people just because they have a pre-existing condition

Strong and Healthy Communities For All
We all deserve the opportunity to pursue our dreams. But when some politicians and wealthy special interests damage our communities, it holds all of us back. Here’s how we’re flipping the script:

  • Invest in local schools and raise teacher pay
  • Implement the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to force polluting monopolies to pay for the cost of poisoning our air, water, and land
  • Establish driving privilege cards for individuals regardless of immigration status so everyone has the ability to get to work, school, and their house of worship

Strong and Healthy Democracy For All
Our democracy is strong and healthy when we all have a say. But right now, some politicians and wealthy special interests have rigged the rules against us to prevent too many people in our communities from being heard and represented. Here’s how we’re fighting back:

  • Enact redistricting reform that ensures communities of color are respected and protected when drawing political district
  • Reform the cash bail system to ensure people who haven’t been convicted of a crime aren’t kept in jail simply because they can’t pay to get out